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Act Now to Purchase Exclusive, Real Time Leads in Your Area!

We offer the most affordable, high quality regional leads available:
  • 100% of leads are generated from our own informational web sites.
  • We never buy someone else’s leads.
  • We only sell leads once ... totally exclusive.
  • We deliver the leads instantly; they are as fresh as possible.
These leads are exclusive which means every lead you purchase from us will never be sold again. Most lead retailers sell the same lead multiple times, we do not. Furthermore, the leads are fresh. When a lead comes in, it is assigned to an agent immediately. We do not warehouse leads.

Our Clients Know ... We Have The Best Game Going!

Our leads are requesting a free informational booklet which they are expecting YOU to deliver. You are welcome to use our booklet, which can be delivered as a PDF file via email or printed off and mailed or hand delivered, depending upon the preference of the person requesting the information.

Cost And Ordering

Our minimum leads order is a package of 10 leads at $75 per lead, so your initial purchase would be $750. You can select a minimum of 2 states; discounts are available for regional selections exceeding 10 states, and deeper discounts are available for nationwide regional selection. We strongly suggest you budget to order at least 40 leads and follow our process so the "Law of Larger Numbers" will assist you.

Find Out What Our Buyers Think Of Our Leads

I have been working with since they started in 2008,and I have never looked back and I have never taken a break from buying leads. The quality of leads is exceptional, and I have steadily increased my area over 3 states since most of my leads are easily managed by phone and direct mail. What I also appreciate is that they are a boutique agency and work one-on-one with agents. They don't sell the leads multiple times. You get a personal relationship.

- Tom M

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

We have a finite amount of leads we harvest every month. We have been a private program for many years. We have recently decided to open up our leads in a limited, semi-private engagement in all fifty states. Once areas are filled, they are closed. We will have no waiting lists. Either you get in or you must go elsewhere.

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